My Anniversary Quilt

A couple of years ago I started paper piecing a quilt. It was a huge undertaking and I put it aside after making tons of little hand pieced hexagons. Well, I decided to finish it this year and make it an Anniversary Quilt in honor of our 40th wedding anniversary. ( I had way too much  handwork in this baby to just give it away)

I have been slowly finishing the flower hexagons, making blocks, adding sashing and finally, starting quilting each block. Whew! This is still Anniversary Quilta lot of work. The finished quilt will be a raggedy quilt because those are easier for me to piece the rows together on my small machine.

Here is a picture of the quilt being blocked out on the floor. I have to look at the pattern and make sure I like the placement of the flowers. All the blocks are not quilted yet but, I also decided to make a little pattern on the back using solid green and a few white squares ( I am just a glutton for punishment!) so, I needed to get the pattern down so I know which blocks need a white background.

I guess the the best thing is that progress is being made and it will be finished in 2015!

Time to share!

I finally quit procrastinating and I am happy to say that Jackie’s Corner, my very own blog, is up and running. This is my first attempt at posting to my blog so, we will see how this goes.

I will be posting recipes that friends have requested and some of my favorite crochet patterns for anyone interested in those. I will also share some high protein products and recipes that I have found.

I hope this will be helpful and fun! I will post some recipes soon.